C# Regex.Replace, Matching End of String

Use the Regex.Replace method with a metacharacter to change the end of a string.
Regex.Replace, string end. Regex can change the ends of certain strings. With the Regex.Replace method, we use the "$" metacharacter to match the string end. This yields some capabilities that are hard to duplicate.Regex.Replace
Example. First, we can use regular expressions to remove the ending part of a string. The solution we see here uses the Regex.Replace static method, which is convenient but not optimally fast.Static

Note: We combine it with the "$" character at the end, which signals the end of the string.

Step 1: We declare a new string that contains an ending substring we need to remove. This is what we will use Regex upon.

Step 2: Here we invoke the Regex.Replace static method. We pass 3 arguments to Regex.Replace.

Step 3: We display the resulting string copy, which has been stripped of the ending string.

C# program that removes string using System; class Program { static void Main() { // 1 // The string you want to change. string s1 = "This string has something at the end<br/>"; // 2 // Use regular expression to trim the ending string. string s2 = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(s1, "<br/>$", ""); // 3 // Display the results. Console.WriteLine("\"{0}\"\n\"{1}\"", s1, s2); } } Output "This string has something at the end<br/>" "This string has something at the end"
Notes on regular expression. The "$" metacharacter shown in the Regex.Replace method call forces the string in the pattern to occur at the end of the input string for the Replace to take effect.

Note: This means that the pattern won't be replaced if it occurs anywhere else in the string.

Summary. We replaced a substring that occurs at the end of an input string. This is useful for stripping markup or ending sequences that you don't want. I recommend using string-based methods for when performance is critical.Regex
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