C# partial Keyword

Use the partial class modifier. Partial classes are spread out among several files.

Partial. Partial classes span multiple files. With the partial keyword in the C# language, you can physically separate a class into multiple files.ClassKeywords

Notes, partial. This keyword is often used by code generators (like Visual Studio). But we can sometimes benefit from directly using partial on a C# class declaration.

An example. Normally you cannot declare a class in 2 separate files. But with the partial modifier, you can. This is useful if one file is commonly edited and the other is not.
Here: If you remove the partial modifier, you will get an error at compile time.
Error text: The namespace "<global namespace>" already contains a definition for "A".
Tip: To fix this, you can either use the partial keyword, or change one of the class names.
C# program that uses partial class class Program { static void Main() { A.A1(); A.A2(); } } Contents of file A1.cs: C# using System; partial class A { public static void A1() { Console.WriteLine("A1"); } } Contents of file A2.cs: C# using System; partial class A { public static void A2() { Console.WriteLine("A2"); } } Output A1 A2

Compiler. How does the C# compiler deal with partial classes? If you disassemble the above program, you will see that the files A1.cs and A2.cs are eliminated.
And: You will find that the class A is present. Class A will contain the methods A1 and A2 in the same code block.
Thus: Partial classes are precisely equivalent to a single class with all the members.
Compiled result of A1.cs and A2.cs: C# internal class A { // Methods public static void A1() { Console.WriteLine("A1"); } public static void A2() { Console.WriteLine("A2"); } }

A review. Partial classes can simplify certain situations. They are often used in Visual Studio when creating Windows Forms programs. The machine-generated C# code is separate.

Some uses. Partial classes separate commonly-edited code from rarely-edited code. This can reduce confusion and the possibility that code that isn't supposed to be edited is changed.

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