C# Multidimensional ArrayUse an array that has three dimensions. See the syntax for multidimensional arrays.
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Multidimensional array. An array can have many dimensions. Multidimensional arrays are available using a special syntax in the C# language. They model complex spaces without using a lot of custom code. In rare programs they are useful.

2D Array

First, this example program written in the C# language demonstrates the use of a three-dimensional array. You can declare and initialize the multidimensional array using the comma syntax.

Example You can loop over any 3D array using this example code. Adding levels to the for-loop allows it to handle greater dimensions.

Here We use an int[, ,] type—a three-dimensional integer array reference type.

Tip When using a multidimensional array, you should specify the dimension lengths on the array creation expression, not the type itself.

Int Array


Also We access elements in a 2D or 3D array using the comma syntax in the array index. We read and write elements using this syntax.

C# program that uses three-dimensional array
using System; class Program { static void Main() { // Create a three-dimensional array. int[, ,] threeDimensional = new int[3, 5, 4]; threeDimensional[0, 0, 0] = 1; threeDimensional[0, 1, 0] = 2; threeDimensional[0, 2, 0] = 3; threeDimensional[0, 3, 0] = 4; threeDimensional[0, 4, 0] = 5; threeDimensional[1, 1, 1] = 2; threeDimensional[2, 2, 2] = 3; threeDimensional[2, 2, 3] = 4; // Loop over each dimension's length. for (int i = 0; i < threeDimensional.GetLength(2); i++) { for (int y = 0; y < threeDimensional.GetLength(1); y++) { for (int x = 0; x < threeDimensional.GetLength(0); x++) { Console.Write(threeDimensional[x, y, i]); } Console.WriteLine(); } Console.WriteLine(); } } }
100 200 300 400 500 000 020 000 000 000 000 000 003 000 000 000 000 004 000 000

GetLength. This method is available on all constructed array types. To use the GetLength method, pass it one parameter. This parameter is the dimension of the array you want to check.

Tip A three-dimensional array has three allowed values. You can access the dimension 0, dimension 1 and dimension 2.

Discussion. Let's consider the uses of multidimensional arrays such as three-dimensional arrays in the C# language. In computer science textbooks, multidimensional arrays are used to model problems that occur in the real world in several dimensions.

For example, two-dimensional arrays model a plane while three-dimensional arrays model a cube or other structure. Structures such as 4D arrays can be used for systems that do not truly require four dimensions but just need more space.

Unfortunately, in the C# language, two-dimensional arrays and all multi-dimensional arrays are slower than one-dimensional arrays when accessing elements. Instead, jagged arrays can be used.

Jagged Arrays

And The original version of this article printed out the 3D array in an incorrect way. Kenny Lindstrom wrote in with a correction.

Summary. We looked at multidimensional arrays in the C# language. The comma declarator syntax is used to specify this exact type. You can loop over the arrays in order using some helper methods on the array type.

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