Java length Example: Get Character Count

Use the length method on strings to get their character counts.

Length. A String object may be null. But if it exists, it has zero or more characters. This character count is its length. With length() we get this number.Strings

In a loop over characters, we can proceed from 0 to length() minus 1. A string's length has many uses in programs. We can take the length of a literal directly.

An example. We use string literals. These are specified directly in the program. Then with the plus operator, we combine (concatenate) these strings.

Concat: The plus-operator combines strings. We combine the data from two or more strings this way.

Length: We call the length method on each string variable reference. This returns the character count.

Java program that uses strings public class Program { public static void main(String[] args) { // Create strings with literals. String value1 = "Java"; String value2 = "Programmer"; // Concatenate strings. String value3 = value1 + " " + value2; // Print string. System.out.println(value3); // Get string lengths. int length1 = value1.length(); int length2 = value2.length(); int length3 = value3.length(); // Print lengths. System.out.println(length1); System.out.println(length2); System.out.println(length3); } } Output Java Programmer 4 10 15

Literal length. This program uses a literal "abc" and immediately takes the length of that literal. This returns the number 3. This is valid Java syntax.
Java program that uses length, literal public class Program { public static void main(String[] args) { // Take the length of a literal directly. int length = "abc".length(); System.out.println(length); } } Output 3

Some notes. When using string literals in a program, we want to avoid confusing code. It is clearer to use length() on a literal than encode the magic value 3 in a program.

A summary. The length() method is called on a String object. The String must not be null. Length returns the character count in the string data.
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