Swift Keywords

Review keywords in the Swift language. These keywords are used throughout Swift programs.

Keywords. Like other languages Swift is made up of keywords. We find many well-known keywords like for and if. But others, like guard, are also found.

Keyword list. In Swift, many different reserved keywords are used. We cannot name a variable with those names. This makes programs easier to understand.associativitybreakcasecatchclasscontinueconveniencedefaultdeinitdidSetdoelseenumextensionfallthroughfalsefinalforfuncgetguardifininfixinitinoutinternallazyletmutatingniloperatoroverridepostfixprecedenceprefixprivatepublicrepeatrequiredreturnselfsetstaticstructsubscriptsuperswitchthrowstruetryvarwherewhilewillSet

Functions. Some common things in Swift are not keywords. Functions like print() are built into the language. We can call them directly in a Swift program.absmaxminprint

Important types. This language has built-in types like array, dictionary and set. These types can be accessed directly—they are used throughout programs.ArrayBoolDictionaryErrorIntSetStringTupleUnicodeScalar

Syntax. In Swift, syntax is close to many other languages. We find few vertical bars and confusing symbolic chains. But some operators may be unexpected.x: (Argument name x)[T] (Array of T elements)<T> (Generic type)?-- (Optional decrement)?++ (Optional increment)x? (Optional type)x! (Optional value access)&+ (Overflow add)&* (Overflow multiply)&- (Overflow subtract)0...2 (Range)0..<2 (Range, half-open)T... (Repeated argument)-> (Return type)"\(x)" (String interpolation)x ? 0 : 1 (Ternary)0 (Tuple item 0)

Foundation types. Swift programs use many Foundation library features. For example, they use NSString directly. This provides many additional features not exclusive to Swift.CharacterSetNSStringNSString.CompareOptionsString.Encoding.ascii

Apple documentation. The keywords in Swift are described in the Apple documentation. The documentation begins with the var and let keywords.Swift, The Basics: apple.com

Features. Swift supports many styles of programming. An iPhone does not operate on magic. As a Swift developer, you can tap into its powerful frameworks and create beautiful things.

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