Array IsFixedSize, IsReadOnly and IsSynchronized
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IsFixedSize, IsReadOnly. The Array type provides several properties. Some of these help us detect features. These include IsFixedSize, IsReadOnly and IsSynchronized.
Property notes. These properties are defined on the IList and ICollection interfaces. IList requires IsFixedSize and IsReadOnly, and ICollection requires IsSynchronized.
In this code example, we see 3 parts. First we see the C# program that uses the 3 properties. Next we see the output of the program, and the property implementations.
Info You can see that the IsFixedSize, IsReadOnly, and IsSynchronized properties all return a constant boolean.
true, false
And These are defined in the Array type, which means all arrays will return these values.
So There is no point of ever calling IsFixedSize, IsReadOnly, or IsSynchronized on an array type variable.
using System; class Program { static void Main() { int[] array = new int[4]; Console.WriteLine(array.IsFixedSize); Console.WriteLine(array.IsReadOnly); Console.WriteLine(array.IsSynchronized); } }
True False False
public bool IsFixedSize { get { return true; } } public bool IsReadOnly { get { return false; } } public bool IsSynchronized { get { return false; } }
IList, ICollection. If you have a variable reference of type IList or ICollection, these properties may be useful. These properties help with the interfaces an array implements.
A summary. We looked at the IsFixedSize, IsReadOnly, and IsSynchronized properties. If you know you are dealing with an array, these properties are never useful—they are constant.
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