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UserHostAddress. This method gets the IP address of the current request. It uses the UserHostAddress property in the ASP.NET framework.
Property notes. UserHostAddress is the easiest way to get a string representation of the IP address. We can use this string for recording information about requests.
This example presents the Application_BeginRequest method, which is executed every time a user visits the web site. You can add it by going to Add, and then Global Application Class.
Detail In Application_BeginRequest, we get the current HttpRequest, then access the UserHostAddress string property.
Finally We write the string value to the output. And we complete the request by calling CompleteRequest.
using System; using System.Web; namespace WebApplication1 { public class Global : HttpApplication { protected void Application_BeginRequest(object sender, EventArgs e) { // Get request. HttpRequest request = base.Request; // Get UserHostAddress property. string address = request.UserHostAddress; // Write to response. base.Response.Write(address); // Done. base.CompleteRequest(); } } }
The IP address. I ran the program on the localhost server. In this case, the connection is only a local connection, which means my local address was the IP address returned.
Note If this code was run on a remote server, the IP address for my internet connection would be returned.
Summary. We acquired the current IP address of the user. This yields a string with numbers separated by periods. It can be used in a Dictionary if you need to record or special-case users by IP.
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