C# Indexer Examples (This Keyword, get and set)

Use indexers with classes and interfaces. Indexers provide an array-like syntax.

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Indexer. An indexer provides array-like syntax. It allows a type to be accessed the same way as an array. Properties such as indexers often access a backing store.PropertyThis

Indexer details. In an indexer, we often accept an int parameter and access a backing array. We can initialize values in an indexer with an initializer.

An example. This program contains a class that has an indexer member, which itself contains a get accessor and a set accessor. These accessors are implicitly used.
Layout: This program includes a Layout class with an indexer. Layout contains an indexer that has get and set method bodies.
Logic: These accessors have logic that ensures the array will not will be accessed out-of-bounds.
Note: The array is termed the backing store for the indexer property in this example.
WriteLine: The program displays the first four valid elements from the Layout class. It shows the result of an invalid access.
C# program that uses indexer with int using System; class Layout { string[] _values = new string[100]; // Backing store public string this[int number] { get { // This is invoked when accessing Layout with the [ ]. if (number >= 0 && number < _values.Length) { // Bounds were in range, so return the stored value. return _values[number]; } // Return an error string. return "Error"; } set { // This is invoked when assigning to Layout with the [ ]. if (number >= 0 && number < _values.Length) { // Assign to this element slot in the internal array. _values[number] = value; } } } } class Program { static void Main() { // Create new instance and assign elements // ... in the array through the indexer. Layout layout = new Layout(); layout[1] = "Frank Gehry"; layout[3] = "I. M. Pei"; layout[10] = "Frank Lloyd Wright"; layout[11] = "Apollodorus"; layout[-1] = "Error"; layout[1000] = "Error"; // Read elements through the indexer. string value1 = layout[1]; string value2 = layout[3]; string value3 = layout[10]; string value4 = layout[11]; string value5 = layout[50]; string value6 = layout[-1]; // Write the results. Console.WriteLine(value1); Console.WriteLine(value2); Console.WriteLine(value3); Console.WriteLine(value4); Console.WriteLine(value5); // Is null Console.WriteLine(value6); } } Output Frank Gehry I. M. Pei Frank Lloyd Wright Apollodorus (null) Error

Intermediate language. A separate metadata table exists that stores the get_Item and set_Item methods, which implement the logic for the get and set accessors in the indexer.
Tip: The .NET Framework implements properties in the same way as methods but with an additional table to provide more information.
Intermediate language for example indexer: IL .property instance string Item { .get instance string Layout::get_Item(int32) .set instance void Layout::set_Item(int32, string) }

Interface indexer. This program uses an indexer member on an interface type. The interface declares the indexer and leaves the get and set accessors empty.
Class: The Implementation class then declares an indexer with the same parameters. You can use the indexer through the interface type.
Here: The IPerl type is an interface. The Implementation type implements IPerl and provides data for the indexer accessors.
Info: In a real program, the set and get accessors might provide more detailed logic for preventing or reporting failures.
C# program that implements indexer on interface using System; interface IPerl { int this[int number] { get; set; } } class Implementation : IPerl { int[] _data = { 0, 10, 20, 30 }; // Default values public int this[int number] { get { // Get accessor implementation. return this._data[number]; } set { // Set accessor implementation. this._data[number] = value; } } } class Program { static void Main() { // Create an object instance. // ... Use the indexer through the interface type. IPerl perl = new Implementation(); Console.WriteLine(perl[0]); Console.WriteLine(perl[1]); Console.WriteLine(perl[2]); Console.WriteLine(perl[3]); // Use set accessor. perl[0] = -1; Console.WriteLine(perl[0]); } } Output 0 10 20 30 -1

Initializer. An indexer can be initialized just like other properties. We specify the square brackets around the index and assign it to a value. The syntax is unusual at first glance.
Farm: We create a "Farm" class. This class stores a string array of animals (strings) as a field.
Indexer: The this-property is an indexer. In the Farm initializer, we create entries at indexes 1, 3 and 5 for animal names.
C# program that uses indexer initializer using static System.Console; class Farm { string[] _animals = new string[10]; public string this[int number] { get { return _animals[number]; } set { _animals[number] = value; } } } class Program { static void Main() { // ... Use an index initializer. Farm f = new Farm() {[1] = "cat",[3] = "bird",[5] = "dog" }; // Get values from farm by index. WriteLine(f[1]); WriteLine(f[3]); WriteLine(f[5]); } } Output cat bird dog

Expression-bodied indexer. This example uses an indexer with the "expression-bodied" syntax. This is more like a lambda expression.
Get: Please look at the "Apartment" indexer. The "get" keyword has an expression body to its right.
Set: The "set" method also uses an expression body. No parentheses are used. The special "value" keyword is used.
C# program that uses expression-bodied indexer using static System.Console; class Apartment { string[] _furniture = new string[10]; public string this[int number] { get => _furniture[number]; // Expression-bodied indexer. set => _furniture[number] = value; } } class Program { static void Main() { var apt = new Apartment() { [0] = "chair", [1] = "bed", [2] = "desk" }; // Use indexer. WriteLine(apt[0]); WriteLine(apt[1]); WriteLine(apt[2]); } } Output chair bed desk

Parameters. The parameter list varies depending on your requirements. In a collection that maps string keys to values, you will want to have an indexer that accepts a string.

2D collections. To simulate a 2D collection, you can use two parameters in the indexer. Because indexers are regular methods in the implementation, there are few limitations.
But: Ref and out parameters are not allowed. You will need a custom method to use these parameter modifiers.

Framework. Indexers have been used throughout the .NET Framework in Microsoft's own code since the Framework was released. Many collections use indexers.
Dictionary: This includes the Dictionary collection, which allows you to look up elements with the indexer.
ArrayList: Also, ArrayList and List use indexers to simulate the built-in syntax of arrays in the C# language.

A summary. An indexer is a property accessor type. Indexers have more complex syntax than other properties. They provide array-like accesses on the class instance.Class


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