Convert Feet, InchesConvert figures in feet and inches. Develop a method for displaying heights.
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Convert feet, inches. Feet and inches represent height. You have a number in inches and you want to represent it in feet and inches.
Some uses. Feet and inches is conventional in some countries for heights. For example a person would be 5 foot 10. In C# we can convert to and from feet.
Example code. First, if you have the data stored in inches in your program, it is probably best to just leave it in inches. And this method can be used for display purposes.
Here The ToFeetInches method receives a double of the number of total inches.
Note The feet part is the Key of a KeyValuePair. And the inches part is the Value.
Note 2 The feet is an integer computed by dividing by 12. The inches part is computed with modulo division.
using System; using System.Collections.Generic; class Program { static void Main() { var result = ToFeetInches(70.0); Console.WriteLine(result); result = ToFeetInches(61.5); Console.WriteLine(result); result = ToFeetInches(72.0); Console.WriteLine(result); } static KeyValuePair<int, double> ToFeetInches(double inches) { return new KeyValuePair<int, double>((int)inches / 12, inches % 12); } }
[5, 10] [5, 1.5] [6, 0]
Notes, results. You can see the results of this program for possible heights of people. 70 inches is changed to 5 feet and 10 inches. 72 inches is changed to 6 feet and zero inches.
Discussion. This sort of method is best reserved for display purposes. Storing figures such as heights would be best done with a single value in a database.
But If users expect a certain notation, it is friendly to display it that way.
So Instead of 70 inches, you could display 5 foot 10. This is more familiar for some users.
Summary. We used division, casting and modulo division to convert a figure in inches to feet and inches in the C# language. We used the KeyValuePair as a return type.
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