DataRow Field ExtensionUse the Field extension on the DataRow type. Use a type argument to get fields.
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DataRow Field. DataRow in VB.NET has a Field Function. This provides support for getting a field with no casting required. The field value is returned in the object type specified.
Function details. Field is a generic Function—we use it with special syntax. We must specify a type parameter like (Of String) in the function call.
Example. This program first creates a DataTable. The table has 4 columns (Weight, Name, Code and Date). With For Each, we loop over the rows in the table.
And For each row, we call the Field() extension four times. In this way we get typed fields from the row.
Tip We can use an index argument (0, 2) to the Field extension. Or we can use a string argument ("Name", "Date").
Also The Field extension is a Generic Function. We use a type argument, such as (Of Integer), with it. This indicates the return type.
Module Module1 Sub Main() ' Create new table. Dim table As DataTable = New DataTable table.Columns.Add("Weight", GetType(Integer)) table.Columns.Add("Name", GetType(String)) table.Columns.Add("Code", GetType(String)) table.Columns.Add("Date", GetType(DateTime)) table.Rows.Add(57, "Koko", "A", DateTime.Now) table.Rows.Add(130, "Fido", "B", DateTime.Now) table.Rows.Add(92, "Alex", "C", DateTime.Now) table.Rows.Add(25, "Charles", "D", DateTime.Now) table.Rows.Add(7, "Candy", "E", DateTime.Now) ' Loop over rows. For Each row As DataRow In table.Rows ' Get fields. Dim weight As Integer = row.Field(Of Integer)(0) Dim name As String = row.Field(Of String)("Name") Dim code As String = row.Field(Of String)(2) Dim date1 As DateTime = row.Field(Of DateTime)("Date") ' Display fields. Console.WriteLine("{0} {1} {2} {3}", weight, name, code, date1) Next End Sub End Module
57 Koko A 6/10/2013 5:00:47 PM 130 Fido B 6/10/2013 5:00:47 PM 92 Alex C 6/10/2013 5:00:47 PM 25 Charles D 6/10/2013 5:00:47 PM 7 Candy E 6/10/2013 5:00:47 PM
Notes, casting. Casting often leads to problems because of its confusing syntax and the extra steps needed. With Field, objects are returned strongly-typed—no casting is needed.
Summary. With DataRow, cells can be retried with the Items array. But the Field generic Function can also be used. It can lead to clearer code when using DataTable.
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