C# Convert List to ArrayUse the ToArray and ToList methods to convert Lists and arrays.
Convert List, array. A List can be converted to an array. The opposite conversion is also possible. In each conversion, the element types remain the same—strings remain strings.
More complex methods can be implemented. A for-loop can copy elements from a List and add them to an array. But this is more work for the programmer.
List to array. Here we convert a string List into a string array of the same number of elements. At the end, the program prints the array's length.
Step 1 We create a List and populate it with some strings. The List here can only hold strings (or null).
Step 2 Next we use ToArray on the List. To test it, we pass the string array to the Test() method.
C# program that converts List to array
using System; using System.Collections.Generic; class Program { static void Main() { // Step 1: create list. List<string> list = new List<string>(); list.Add("one"); list.Add("two"); list.Add("three"); list.Add("four"); list.Add("five"); // Step 2: convert to string array. string[] array = list.ToArray(); Test(array); } static void Test(string[] array) { Console.WriteLine("Array received: " + array.Length); } }
Array received: 5
Array to List. We can convert an array of any number of elements to a List that has the same type of elements. There are 3 parts to this example.
Part 1 Here we initialize a new string array containing 5 strings. These are specified as string literals.
Part 2 Here we convert the array to a List with the List constructor. This returns a new List of strings.
Part 3 Here the example converts the array to a List with the ToList() instance method.
C# program that uses List constructor and ToList
using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; class Program { static void Main() { // Part 1: string array. string[] array = new string[] { "one", "two", "three", "four", "five" }; // Part 2: use list constructor. List<string> list1 = new List<string>(array); Test(list1); // Part 3: use ToList method. List<string> list2 = array.ToList(); Test(list2); } static void Test(List<string> list) { Console.WriteLine("List count: " + list.Count); } }
List count: 5 List count: 5
Implicit conversion error. You may get the "Cannot implicitly convert type" error. This error raised by the compiler tells you that the type needs a regular cast or is not compatible.
Note If your code statement tries to assign a List to an array, you will get this error.
C# program that causes convert type error
using System.Collections.Generic; class Program { static void Main() { List<int> items = null; int[] result = new int[0]; // This does not work. items = result; } }
Error CS0029 Cannot implicitly convert type 'int[]' to 'System.Collections.Generic.List<int>'
Notes, ToList. The ToList method is an extension method from System.Linq. This kind of method is an addition to normal C# method calls.
Readability. It is easy to remember that ToList converts a collection to a List, and ToArray does the same for an array. These methods are well-named.
A summary. Convert arrays to Lists (and lists to arrays) with this code. We can not just as sign one to the other. The List constructor can also be used—and it avoids a null check).
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