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Dec 9, 2022—review: VB.NET TryCastDec 9, 2022—review: C# DateTime.TryParseDec 9, 2022—review: Ruby JoinDec 9, 2022—review: Ruby ReverseDec 8, 2022—edit link: VB.NET String LengthDec 8, 2022—review: Python re.sub, subnDec 8, 2022—review: C# SequenceEqualDec 8, 2022—review: C# Convert List, DataTableDec 8, 2022—review: C# DefaultDec 8, 2022—review: C# BaseDec 8, 2022—review: C# Protected, internalDec 8, 2022—edit: C# partialDec 8, 2022—review: VB.NET BinarySearch ListDec 7, 2022—review: C# Compress DataDec 7, 2022—review: C# UsingDec 7, 2022—review: C# BinaryReaderDec 7, 2022—review: C# TimerDec 7, 2022—review: C# Array.TrueForAllDec 7, 2022—simplify: C# ArrayPoolDec 7, 2022—review: C# Static ArrayDec 7, 2022—review: C# DateTime.MonthDec 7, 2022—review: C# List ClearDec 7, 2022—edit: C# Dictionary EqualsDec 7, 2022—review: C# IEqualityComparerDec 7, 2022—review: VB.NET TupleDec 7, 2022—review: VB.NET KeyValuePairDec 7, 2022—review: C# Sort KeyValuePair List
Dec 7, 2022—generator update
Dec 7, 2022—html css update
Dec 6, 2022—review: C# StreamReader ReadToEndDec 6, 2022—review: C# StreamReader ReadToEndAsyncDec 6, 2022—review: C# ReadLine, ReadLineAsyncDec 6, 2022—review: C# Sort ListDec 6, 2022—review: C# Array.SortDec 6, 2022—review: JavaScript SortDec 6, 2022—review: Java Sort
Dec 6, 2022—generator update
Dec 6, 2022—html css update
Dec 5, 2022—review: Java InterfacesDec 5, 2022—review: Java OptionalDec 5, 2022—review: Java BooleanDec 5, 2022—review: Java ReturnDec 5, 2022—review: Java OverloadDec 5, 2022—review: Java RecursionDec 5, 2022—review: Java ExtendsDec 5, 2022—review: Java SuperDec 5, 2022—review: Java ThisDec 5, 2022—review: Java Word CountDec 5, 2022—review: Java JoinDec 5, 2022—review: Java SplitDec 5, 2022—review: Java RegexDec 4, 2022—edit link: VB.NET Char ArrayDec 4, 2022—edit link: VB.NET ReDimDec 4, 2022—simplify: VB.NET ArrayDec 4, 2022—edit link: VB.NET ArrayDec 3, 2022—edit link: C# Array LengthDec 3, 2022—review: C# Count Array ElementsDec 3, 2022—new example: C# ArrayDec 3, 2022—simplify: C# ArrayDec 3, 2022—simplify: C# Array LengthDec 1, 2022—review: Golang TrimDec 1, 2022—review: Golang container listDec 1, 2022—review: Golang RandDec 1, 2022—review: Golang SuffixarrayDec 1, 2022—review: Golang flagDec 1, 2022—review: Golang bytes.BufferDec 1, 2022—review: Golang BytesDec 1, 2022—edit link: Golang ListenAndServeDec 1, 2022—review: Golang ArrayDec 1, 2022—review: Golang compressDec 1, 2022—review: Golang FileDec 1, 2022—review: Golang TimeDec 1, 2022—review: Golang SplitDec 1, 2022—edit link: C# Remove
Nov 26, 2022—generator update
Nov 26, 2022—review: C# DataSetNov 26, 2022—review: VB.NET FileNov 26, 2022—review: VB.NET DataSetNov 26, 2022—review: VB.NET SubNov 25, 2022—review: C# Case, DictionaryNov 25, 2022—review: Java ArrayList add, insertNov 25, 2022—review: Java Initialize ArrayListNov 25, 2022—review: Java ArrayList, StringNov 25, 2022—edit link: Java Convert ArrayList, StringNov 25, 2022—review: Java ArrayList clearNov 25, 2022—review: Java Collections.addAllNov 25, 2022—review: Java Convert ArrayList, StringNov 25, 2022—review: Java HashSetNov 25, 2022—review: VB.NET StructureNov 25, 2022—review: VB.NET FunctionNov 25, 2022—review: VB.NET GoToNov 25, 2022—review: VB.NET TimeSpanNov 25, 2022—edit link: VB.NET String.Format
Nov 24, 2022—generator update
Nov 22, 2022—generator update
Nov 22, 2022—html css update
Nov 20, 2022—generator update
Nov 20, 2022—html css update
Nov 20, 2022—simplify: C# String ConstructorNov 20, 2022—review: C# Reverse String
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This site is built with custom Rust and Go programs. It is then uploaded as static files for optimal performance.
Dot Net Perls is a collection of tested code examples. Pages are continually updated to stay current, with code correctness a top priority.
Sam Allen is passionate about computer languages. In the past, his work has been recommended by Apple and Microsoft and he has studied computers at a selective university in the United States.
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