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Jan 27, 2023—image: Rust iterJan 27, 2023—new example: Rust iter
Jan 26, 2023—generator update
Jan 26, 2023—new example: Rust iterJan 26, 2023—edit link: Rust collectJan 26, 2023—edit link: Rust AnyJan 25, 2023—new: Rust iterJan 25, 2023—edit link: Rust Array, vecsJan 25, 2023—edit link: Rust forJan 25, 2023—edit link: Rust String ArrayJan 25, 2023—edit link: Rust into iterJan 24, 2023—simplify: C# Abstract
Jan 24, 2023—generator update
Jan 21, 2023—simplify: C# Event
Jan 21, 2023—html css update
Jan 20, 2023—html css update
Jan 19, 2023—html css update
Jan 19, 2023—generator update
Jan 18, 2023—new: Rust Array, vecsJan 18, 2023—review: Python Between, Before, AfterJan 18, 2023—simplify: Python rangeJan 18, 2023—review: Python Resize List
Jan 18, 2023—generator update
Jan 17, 2023—generator update
Jan 16, 2023—html css update
Jan 16, 2023—generator update
Jan 15, 2023—generator update
Jan 12, 2023—generator update
Jan 12, 2023—html css update
Jan 11, 2023—generator update
Jan 10, 2023—generator update
Jan 10, 2023—html css update
Jan 7, 2023—simplify: Python SubstringJan 5, 2023—review: C# MemoryFailPointJan 3, 2023—review: C# ToBase64StringJan 3, 2023—review: C# BitcountsJan 3, 2023—review: C# BitArrayJan 3, 2023—review: C# Bitwise OrJan 3, 2023—review: C# BitConverterJan 3, 2023—review: Scala TupleDec 29, 2022—review: Swift PropertyDec 29, 2022—review: Swift SubscriptDec 29, 2022—review: Swift PrintDec 29, 2022—review: Swift ClassDec 29, 2022—edit: Swift Array, DictionariesDec 29, 2022—edit: Swift SortDec 29, 2022—edit: Swift 2D ArrayDec 29, 2022—edit: Swift Array
Dec 27, 2022—generator update
Dec 26, 2022—edit: Rust Console ColorsDec 24, 2022—review: C# Convert List, ArrayDec 24, 2022—review: C# SumDec 24, 2022—review: C# ToArrayDec 24, 2022—review: C# DoubleDec 24, 2022—review: C# bool.Parse
Dec 24, 2022—html css update
Dec 24, 2022—review: C# ToolTipDec 23, 2022—review: C# Combine ArraysDec 23, 2022—review: C# Null ArrayDec 23, 2022—review: C# Bool ArrayDec 23, 2022—simplify: Golang ConvertDec 23, 2022—review: Golang Convert Slice, StringDec 23, 2022—review: Golang Convert Map, Slice
Dec 23, 2022—html css update
Dec 23, 2022—generator update
Dec 22, 2022—review: Python DatetimeDec 22, 2022—review: Python ClassDec 22, 2022—review: Python ConvertDec 22, 2022—review: Python SortDec 22, 2022—review: Python ErrorDec 22, 2022—review: Python LambdaDec 22, 2022—review: Python DelDec 22, 2022—review: Python Divmod
Dec 22, 2022—html css update
Dec 21, 2022—html css update
Dec 21, 2022—review: C# Console.ReadKeyDec 21, 2022—review: C# Console.SetOutDec 21, 2022—review: C# Console.ReadDec 21, 2022—review: C# Console.WriteDec 21, 2022—edit link: Java BufferedWriterDec 21, 2022—edit link: Java Line CountDec 21, 2022—review: Java Line CountDec 21, 2022—review: VB.NET Regex FileDec 21, 2022—review: VB.NET Filename, DateTime
Dec 20, 2022—html css update
Dec 20, 2022—review: Python Filename, DateDec 20, 2022—review: Golang os.RemoveDec 20, 2022—review: Golang WriteFileDec 20, 2022—review: Golang bufio.ScanBytesDec 20, 2022—review: Golang imageDec 20, 2022—review: Golang Copy File
Dec 19, 2022—html css update
Dec 19, 2022—edit link: C# namespaceDec 19, 2022—new example: C# namespaceDec 19, 2022—simplify: C# namespace
Dec 18, 2022—html css update
Dec 16, 2022—edit: C# newDec 16, 2022—simplify: C# newDec 16, 2022—new example: C# newDec 16, 2022—new example: C# record
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This site is built with custom Rust and Go programs. It is then uploaded as static files for optimal performance.
Dot Net Perls is a collection of tested code examples. Pages are continually updated to stay current, with code correctness a top priority.
Sam Allen is passionate about computer languages. In the past, his work has been recommended by Apple and Microsoft and he has studied computers at a selective university in the United States.
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