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Mar 29, 2023—new: Rust DebugMar 29, 2023—new example: C# DateTimeMar 29, 2023—simplify: C# DateTimeMar 29, 2023—edit link: Rust SubstringMar 29, 2023—new example: Rust printlnMar 29, 2023—edit: C# PadRight, PadLeftMar 28, 2023—edit: Golang html templateMar 28, 2023—edit: C# GroupJoinMar 28, 2023—edit: C# HashSet
Mar 28, 2023—generator update
Mar 27, 2023—new example: Rust HashMapMar 27, 2023—edit link: Rust BTreeMapMar 27, 2023—new example: Rust BTreeMapMar 27, 2023—edit: C# HashSetMar 27, 2023—edit: Golang bufio.ScanBytesMar 27, 2023—edit: Golang bufio.ScanBytes
Mar 27, 2023—generator update
Mar 25, 2023—generator update
Mar 25, 2023—edit: C# 2D ArrayMar 25, 2023—edit: C# Initialize ListMar 25, 2023—edit: C# ListMar 25, 2023—simplify: VB.NET TupleMar 25, 2023—simplify: C# Tuple
Mar 24, 2023—generator update
Mar 24, 2023—new example: Rust for eachMar 24, 2023—edit: C# ConstructorMar 24, 2023—edit: C# Copy DictionaryMar 24, 2023—new: Rust for eachMar 24, 2023—edit: Rust Convert HashMap, vecMar 24, 2023—edit: Rust sortMar 24, 2023—edit: Rust Sort HashMapMar 24, 2023—edit: C# FontMar 24, 2023—edit: C# FixedMar 24, 2023—edit: Ruby HashMar 24, 2023—edit: Ruby SortMar 24, 2023—edit: Python 2D ListMar 24, 2023—edit: C# Byte ArrayMar 24, 2023—edit: C# Decompress GZIPMar 24, 2023—edit: VB.NET TimeSpanMar 24, 2023—edit: C# TimeSpanMar 24, 2023—edit: VB.NET CompressMar 24, 2023—edit: C# Compress DataMar 24, 2023—edit: Golang compressMar 23, 2023—simplify: C# TimeSpan
Mar 23, 2023—search update
Mar 23, 2023—html css update
Mar 23, 2023—generator update
Mar 22, 2023—review: C# AndMar 22, 2023—simplify: C# BitcountsMar 22, 2023—edit: C# BitArrayMar 22, 2023—edit: C# short, ushortMar 22, 2023—edit: C# ByteMar 22, 2023—edit: C# IsNullOrEmpty, IsNullOrWhiteSpaceMar 22, 2023—edit: C# Empty StringMar 22, 2023—edit: C# ValueMar 22, 2023—edit: Golang 2D SliceMar 22, 2023—image: Rust containsMar 22, 2023—edit: Rust SubstringMar 22, 2023—edit: Rust Between, Before, AfterMar 22, 2023—edit: VB.NET Between, Before, AfterMar 22, 2023—simplify: C# Between, Before, AfterMar 22, 2023—edit: C# bool SortMar 22, 2023—simplify: Java ArrayDequeMar 22, 2023—edit: Rust Array, vecsMar 22, 2023—edit: Swift ArrayMar 22, 2023—edit: Scala ArrayMar 22, 2023—edit: Ruby ArrayMar 21, 2023—edit: C# Regex GroupsMar 21, 2023—edit: Python LenMar 21, 2023—edit: C# WhileMar 21, 2023—edit: C# ForMar 21, 2023—edit: Ruby String ArraysMar 21, 2023—edit: C# StreamReaderMar 21, 2023—edit: C# StreamWriterMar 21, 2023—edit: VB.NET StreamWriterMar 21, 2023—edit: VB.NET StreamReaderMar 21, 2023—edit: F# DuplicatesMar 21, 2023—edit: VB.NET DuplicatesMar 21, 2023—grammar: Ruby DuplicatesMar 21, 2023—edit: Ruby DuplicatesMar 21, 2023—edit: Python DuplicatesMar 21, 2023—edit: Java DuplicatesMar 21, 2023—edit: C# DuplicatesMar 21, 2023—edit: Java Integer, maxMar 21, 2023—edit: Java SortMar 21, 2023—edit: Java LinkedHashMapMar 21, 2023—simplify: Java TreeMapMar 21, 2023—edit: Java EnumMapMar 21, 2023—edit: Java HashMapMar 21, 2023—edit: Java HashSetMar 21, 2023—edit: C# ToArrayMar 21, 2023—edit: C# Range, Repeat, EmptyMar 21, 2023—edit: C# IEnumerableMar 20, 2023—edit: C# IndexerMar 20, 2023—edit: VB.NET Char ArrayMar 20, 2023—edit: VB.NET Remove HTMLMar 20, 2023—edit: Java Remove HTML TagsMar 20, 2023—edit: Python FibonacciMar 20, 2023—edit: C# FirstMar 20, 2023—edit: Swift Extension
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This site is built with custom Rust and Go programs. It is then uploaded as static files for optimal performance.
Dot Net Perls is a collection of tested code examples. Pages are continually updated to stay current, with code correctness a top priority.
Sam Allen is passionate about computer languages. In the past, his work has been recommended by Apple and Microsoft and he has studied computers at a selective university in the United States.
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