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May 29, 2023—new: PHP UppercaseMay 29, 2023—new: PHP Parse, intMay 29, 2023—edit: C# refMay 29, 2023—simplify: C# outMay 29, 2023—review: Java regionMatchesMay 29, 2023—edit: VB.NET Boolean
May 27, 2023—generator update
May 26, 2023—image: PHP sortMay 26, 2023—new: PHP sortMay 26, 2023—image: PHP trimMay 26, 2023—new: PHP trimMay 26, 2023—edit: Python 2D ArrayMay 26, 2023—edit: Java Factory PatternMay 26, 2023—edit: Java ConstructorsMay 26, 2023—edit: Java Convert String, Byte ArrayMay 26, 2023—review: Java StackOverflowErrorMay 26, 2023—review: ASP.NET MapRazorPagesMay 26, 2023—review: ASP.NET UseStaticFilesMay 26, 2023—review: ASP.NET MapGetMay 26, 2023—edit: ASP.NET ServerVariablesMay 26, 2023—edit: Ruby Each char, each line
May 26, 2023—generator update
May 25, 2023—edit: Java Convert HashMap, ArrayListMay 25, 2023—edit: Golang csvMay 25, 2023—edit: C# string.ConcatMay 25, 2023—image: PHP foreachMay 25, 2023—image: PHP SplitMay 25, 2023—image: PHP Loop CharsMay 25, 2023—image: PHP arrayMay 25, 2023—simplify: C# breakMay 25, 2023—edit: C# AggregateMay 25, 2023—review: Python assertMay 25, 2023—simplify: C# String LengthMay 25, 2023—edit: C# AnyMay 25, 2023—edit: C# AllMay 25, 2023—edit: Swift OperatorsMay 25, 2023—review: Java floatMay 25, 2023—review: VB.NET Enumerable.RangeMay 25, 2023—edit: VB.NET Duplicate Chars
May 25, 2023—generator update
May 24, 2023—review: Python gzipMay 24, 2023—review: Java Object ArraysMay 24, 2023—new: PHP Loop CharsMay 24, 2023—new example: PHP SplitMay 24, 2023—edit: C# Loop Over CharsMay 24, 2023—review: Python ord, chrMay 24, 2023—simplify: VB.NET EventMay 24, 2023—simplify: C# BitArrayMay 24, 2023—simplify: C# BitConverter
May 24, 2023—generator update
May 24, 2023—review: Java Char ArraysMay 24, 2023—review: Java CharacterMay 24, 2023—edit: Swift 2D ArrayMay 24, 2023—review: Java StringBufferMay 23, 2023—edit: Java Compound InterestMay 23, 2023—edit: Python Compound InterestMay 23, 2023—edit: C# Compound InterestMay 23, 2023—new: PHP enumMay 23, 2023—edit: VB.NET Enum.Parse, TryParseMay 23, 2023—edit: VB.NET LastIndexOfMay 23, 2023—edit: Python absMay 23, 2023—review: C# Char TestMay 23, 2023—edit: Java StackMay 23, 2023—edit: Python MathMay 23, 2023—review: Java ContinueMay 22, 2023—edit: VB.NET AttributeMay 22, 2023—edit: Rust CommandMay 22, 2023—new example: Rust enumMay 22, 2023—edit link: Rust enumMay 22, 2023—new: PHP SplitMay 22, 2023—edit: C# FileSystemWatcherMay 22, 2023—edit: C# ExcelMay 22, 2023—review: Java String ConcatMay 22, 2023—review: VB.NET Truncate StringMay 22, 2023—edit: Rust Cast
May 22, 2023—generator update
May 21, 2023—generator update
May 21, 2023—new: PHP switchMay 21, 2023—new: PHP ConcatMay 21, 2023—edit link: PHP if, elseifMay 21, 2023—simplify: C# CloneMay 21, 2023—simplify: C# AnagramMay 21, 2023—simplify: Python AnagramMay 21, 2023—simplify: Java AnagramMay 21, 2023—edit: Java String OccurrenceMay 21, 2023—edit: Java String compareToMay 21, 2023—review: Java SumMay 21, 2023—edit: C# SumMay 21, 2023—edit: Python readlineMay 20, 2023—new: PHP if, elseifMay 20, 2023—edit link: PHP GeneratorMay 20, 2023—new: PHP GeneratorMay 20, 2023—new example: PHP foreachMay 20, 2023—edit link: PHP foreachMay 20, 2023—review: Java toCharArrayMay 20, 2023—edit: Java URLMay 20, 2023—simplify: C# TreeMay 20, 2023—simplify: Java TreeMay 20, 2023—review: C# PNG, WEBPMay 20, 2023—review: C# Character Literal
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This site is built with custom Rust and Go programs. It is then uploaded as static files for optimal performance.
Dot Net Perls is a collection of tested code examples. Pages are continually updated to stay current, with code correctness a top priority.
Sam Allen is passionate about computer languages. In the past, his work has been recommended by Apple and Microsoft and he has studied computers at a selective university in the United States.
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