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12/7/2021, edit: Java Class12/7/2021, simplify: Java Methods12/7/2021, simplify: Golang ReadDir12/7/2021, new example: Golang ReadDir12/7/2021, edit link: C# Select Case12/7/2021, image: C# Remove Element12/7/2021, new example: C# Remove Element12/7/2021, rewrite: C# Title HTML12/7/2021, edit link: C# Paragraph HTML12/7/2021, rewrite: C# Paragraph HTML
12/7/2021, generator update
12/6/2021, edit link: Java Newline12/6/2021, edit link: C# Divide, Powers of Two12/6/2021, image: C# Divide, Powers of Two12/6/2021, rewrite: C# Divide, Powers of Two
12/6/2021, generator update
12/5/2021, image: JavaScript Array12/5/2021, image: JavaScript Initialize Array12/5/2021, edit link: Ruby Include12/5/2021, image: Ruby Include
12/5/2021, generator update
12/4/2021, simplify: C# ASCII Transformation12/4/2021, image: C# ASCII Transformation12/4/2021, rewrite: C# Enum.Format12/4/2021, edit link: Golang Math12/4/2021, edit link: Golang Sscan, Sscanf12/4/2021, edit: C# StartsWith, EndsWith12/4/2021, edit: C# DataTable RowChanged
12/4/2021, generator update
12/3/2021, edit link: C# Max, Min
12/3/2021, generator update
12/3/2021, edit: Java lastIndexOf12/3/2021, image: Java lastIndexOf12/3/2021, simplify: Java indexOf12/3/2021, image: Java indexOf12/3/2021, edit: Java Lambda12/3/2021, edit link: Java Exceptions12/3/2021, simplify: Java Replace12/3/2021, edit: Java Replace12/3/2021, image: Java Replace12/3/2021, edit link: Java Remove HTML Tags12/2/2021, simplify: C# List Equals12/2/2021, image: C# Sort12/2/2021, simplify: C# Sort
12/2/2021, generator update
12/1/2021, edit: Java Lambda12/1/2021, edit: Golang bits
12/1/2021, generator update
11/30/2021, edit link: Java Lambda11/30/2021, simplify: Java Lambda11/30/2021, edit link: Golang Index11/30/2021, image: Golang Index11/30/2021, edit link: VB.NET Interface11/30/2021, rewrite: VB.NET Interface11/30/2021, simplify: C# Intersect11/30/2021, image: C# Intersect
11/30/2021, generator update
11/29/2021, simplify: C# Suffix11/29/2021, image: C# Suffix11/26/2021, edit link: Java Trim11/26/2021, simplify: Java Trim11/26/2021, image: Java Trim11/26/2021, edit link: Java String Padding11/25/2021, rewrite: C# OverflowException11/24/2021, edit: C# InvalidOperation Exception
11/24/2021, generator update
11/23/2021, image: C# SingleOrDefault11/23/2021, rewrite: C# SingleOrDefault11/23/2021, edit: Java ListMultimap11/23/2021, edit: Java Files.Copy11/23/2021, rewrite: C# Letter Frequencies11/23/2021, edit link: Ruby Iterator11/23/2021, image: Ruby While, Until11/23/2021, simplify: Ruby While, Until11/23/2021, image: Ruby Length11/23/2021, image: VB.NET Math.Round11/23/2021, edit link: VB.NET Math.Round11/23/2021, rewrite: VB.NET Math.Round11/22/2021, simplify: C# String List11/22/2021, edit link: C# String List11/22/2021, edit: Ruby Length
11/22/2021, generator update
11/21/2021, generator update
11/19/2021, edit: Scala var, val11/19/2021, edit link: Python join11/19/2021, edit link: Python Reverse String11/19/2021, image: Python Reverse String11/19/2021, edit link: Python List Comprehension11/18/2021, image: VB.NET ROT1311/18/2021, edit: VB.NET ROT13
11/18/2021, generator update
11/17/2021, image: Python Math11/17/2021, edit link: C# Math.PI11/17/2021, edit link: C# Math.E11/17/2021, simplify: C# Math.E11/17/2021, rewrite: C# File.Exists11/17/2021, edit link: C# GroupBy11/17/2021, edit: C# GroupBy11/17/2021, edit link: C# group11/17/2021, edit: C# group
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