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Framework. Programs combine parts. VB.NET has many keywords. We learn the meaning of these keywords. We then combine them into higher-level constructs and programs.

Keywords. Some keywords (like For and While) map to looping constructs. And others (Class, Dim and Sub) are part of declarations. With keywords we compose programs.

#Const#If#RegionAddressOfAndAsBooleanByRefByteByValCaseCatchCharClassConstDateDecimalDimDoDo UntilDo WhileDoubleEndEnumExitFinallyForFor EachFriendFunctionGetTypeIfImportsInheritsIntegerInterfaceIsIsNotIteratorLongMidModuleMustInheritMyClassNamespaceNotNothingNotInheritableObjectOfOverloadsOrParamArrayPartialPrivatePropertyPublicReadOnlyREMReturnSByteSelectShadowsSharedShortStringStructureSubSyncLockThrowTryUIntegerULongUShortUsingWhileWithWriteOnlyYield

Functions. The VB.NET language provides built-in functions that convert types. These are often implemented with other .NET Framework constructs.


Types. Here is a list of common types in the .NET Framework. We use these types with VB.NET code. Not all types are included in this list.


Math. Many mathematical functions are available in the System namespace. The Math class provides these. With Math, we avoid implementing this logic.

Math.AbsMath.Max, Math.MinMath.RoundMath.Sqrt

Windows. The Windows Forms platform supports Windows GUI programs. And the VB.NET language can be used to control these programs. We run arbitrary code as a result of event handlers.


A review. Some keywords are used together (For and Each). They change meaning when used part of a larger construct. And some words (like from LINQ) are contextual and not listed above.

Many keywords, like SyncLock, are narrow in their utility. VB.NET retains older language terms like "Mid" and "Date." These have been replaced with newer .NET Framework methods.