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The VB.NET Select Case statement is used on a String. With this statement we match a variable against a set of values such as String literals. We look at the Select Case statement in the VB.NET language and look at its implementation.


To start, let's look at a program that reads an input from the Console. Then, it uses the Select Case statement on that value. It matches against four possible values: "dot", "net", and "perls", and also all other values (Else).

Program that uses Select Case on String: VB.NET

Module Module1
    Sub Main()
	While True
	    Dim value As String = Console.ReadLine()
	    Select Case value
		Case "dot"
		    Console.WriteLine("Word 1")
		Case "net"
		    Console.WriteLine("Word 2")
		Case "perls"
		    Console.WriteLine("Word 3")
		Case Else
		    Console.WriteLine("Something else")
	    End Select
	End While
    End Sub
End Module


Word 1
Word 3
Something else

Case values. In VB.NET, you can use variables in the Case expressions. But you may lose optimizations. In Integer Select Case statements, if you use a non-constant integer, you may lose performance—the switch opcode cannot be used.

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Framework: NET

Does the Select Case statement in the VB.NET language ever compile into anything other than a series of string comparisons? I changed the above program to have nine String literals. No Dictionary collection was used by the compiler.

So:It seems that VB.NET lacks the String Dictionary optimization for String Switch constructs.

Therefore:If you have to match a lot of string literals, building a Dictionary might be faster.

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The VB.NET programming language

We looked at the Select Case statement with Strings. This construct (in .NET 4.0) lacks optimizations in the C# compiler and instead compiles to a series of string comparisons. You can use non-constant Case expressions as well.

But:The Select Case statement provides no advantage over a series of If-statements.

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