Ruby Join Example (Convert Array to String)

Use the join method to convert a string array to a string. Specify a delimiter character.
Join. Strings are everywhere in programs. And programs themselves are represented as strings. An array can contain strings—or it can be merged into a single string with delimiters.
Method notes. Join() acts on string arrays (or arrays of any type of element that are converted into strings). We can use join to round-trip our data with split().String Arrays
An example program. Consider this program. We see a string array that contains three string literals. On the string array instance we call join.

And: We specify a semicolon delimiter. The string values are merged into a single string, with a semicolon between each pair.

Ruby program that uses join values = ["keyboard", "monitor", "CPU"] # Use the join method to combine a string array. joined = values.join(";") puts joined Output keyboard;monitor;CPU
No delimiter. We can use join with no delimiter. This converts an array of strings (or 1-char strings which are like characters) into a string.
Ruby program that uses no delimiter values = ["a", "b", "c"] # Join with no delimiter. # ... This turns an array of characters into a string. result = values.join puts result Output abc
A review. With split() and join() we can round-trip our data processing. We have a string, and can split it apart. Then we modify elements, and join it together again.Split
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